Problem Statement

The diamond secondary market faces several key challenges that limit accessibility and convenience for the average buyer:

Lack of Transparency

The diamond secondary market lacks transparency, making it difficult for buyers to assess the true value and quality of diamonds. This opacity can lead to misinformation and mistrust, deterring potential investors.

Limited Accessibility

Investment-grade diamonds are typically sold at exclusive auctions with restricted access, putting them out of reach for many individual buyers. The requirement to attend in person or arrange transportation for the diamond adds an extra layer of inconvenience.

Purchasing Difficulties

Acquiring diamonds can be a complex and time-consuming process. The need to physically visit a dealer or auction house, often by invitation only, creates barriers for those who cannot easily travel or lack connections in the industry. Additionally, arranging for the safe transportation of the diamond can be a logistical challenge.By addressing these issues and providing a more transparent, accessible, and convenient platform for diamond trading, the diamond secondary market can attract a wider range of investors and unlock the full potential of this asset class.

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